JAZZ AT BOATERS 1990 - 2020

This is an overdue and somewhat inevitable notice to confirm that the Sunday evening jazz gig at The Boaters Inn in Kingston has officially finished and will not be restarting . The gig had already been cut down from weekly to monthly at the beginning of 2020 so I always feared that the COVID lockdown might spell the end of the gig. However, I carried a small amount of hope that the pub might get in touch to restart the gig when the restrictions were lifted and the pub was back on its feet, but unfortunately that never happened.

I’m sad that the gig never quite reached the official 30th anniversary in October of 2020 but I’m proud that the gig lasted for so long and had become the longest running weekly jazz residency in London.

I have to thank David Rowe who foolishly offered to help me manage the gig’s website and found himself doing it for the next twenty years! I also have to thank the various pub management and bar staff who were supportive of the gig and had a vested interest in helping to keep the gig running smoothly, even when I wasn’t there. Mostly, I want to thank all the musicians who did the gig, despite the long journeys they had to make and were vital ingredients in creating such a wonderful gig.

Simon Carter

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